Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time for Family and Thanks

Towards the end of this luxuriously long holiday weekend, I am mindful of the power of time for reflection and the strength of family ties. In year's past, it has not always been so. Sometimes the crush of a desire for the perfect Thanksgiving feast, the conflict of spending the holiday with one or the other family members, the rush to hit the sales on the day after Thanksgiving have effectively destroyed the opportunity for quiet reflection. This year, none of that got it my way. Perhaps the economic situation, or the massacre in Mumbai colored the long weekend and put our world into perspective. And so, with gratitude for the many blessings I have enjoyed, I offer a moment's reflection and hope that our world, given time, family and an opportunities for thoughtful reflection will improve. For me, I am thankful that we will have a new President in the White House who believes in dialogue and diplomacy, respects family and community and takes time for thoughtful reflection in all matters.

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